from November to April

2 days


On this class we will work on the safety issues related to winter terrain and conditions. We will also talk about other aspects such as logistics and planning of a trip where you could face snow, ice and rock sectors.

Requirements: have previous experience in activities on high mountain environments: rock climbing, ski mountaineering or mountaineering. It is also a requirement to be minimally fit.

This is a wide program, adjustable to the demands of each group.

We will focus on mandatory safety issues first. Then the program can be adapted to what each group of participants considers more interesting for them.


Day 1

We will work on all those aspects that have to do with the safety on snow terrain such as:

  • Self arrest and cramponning
  • Avalanche rescue and avalanche beacons
  • Rope and anchors (in glacier, snow ridges and rocky crests)
  • Climbing in variable terrain, rappel…


Day 2

We will carry out an activity to practice the knowledge and maneuvers seen the previous day.

  • Multi-pitch climbs, anchors and ensembles (simultaneous climbing).
  • Progression on mixed terrains and variable terrain (ridges and crests)


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