from May to October

1 day


The north face of Pedraforca, of 2.506m, is one of the most impressive alpine climbs that can be found on the Catalan Pyrenees.

It offers, when the day is long and the meteorology stable, shady long climbing journeys, some of which are over 600m long.

Discover it accompanied by a local UIAGM guide. You can choose from the most historical routes from the 20s and 30s to the most modern and direct routes.

Pure adventure terrain that requires a fair amount of previous experience.


Itineraris a la Dent dels Cabirols  2.105 m.

Route Civis – Genís 150m  V

Route del Guarda  120m  6b

It is possible to link this activity with the traverse of “El cim del Calderer” (agulla del Gat and Cabirols superior).


Routes on “Els Cabirols superior”   2.317 m.

Route Maria Antonia – Estrems  350m  V+


Routes on the “agulla del Gat”  2.306 m.

Route Homedes  370m  V+/A0


Routes on the north face of ” el Calderer” 2.505 m.

Route PANY  520m  IV+

Route Gran Diedre  300m  V

Route Cerdà-Pokorski (entrada directe Cerdà-Vergés)  330m 6a

Route Anglada-Robbins  160m  6b/A0

Route Anglada-Guillamon  500m V+/A1

Route Martin Mestres  250m  V+/A1

Route Estasen  600m  IV+


These are all the historic and essential routes of the summer north face.

There are tens of other routes, some of which are very interesting. However, either due to their difficulty or to the rock conditions, they aren’t listed above.

Don’t hesitate to ask about any other route that you would like to climb!


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