from February to April

7 days


The daily activities are planned to be able to ski every day without causing our legs a burn-out. Still, we can do a double session some day.


First day: we will run some briefing in the morning. We will check our gear and we will do an outing to recover the body from the travels. We will work on avalanche rescue and nivology.


VARDEN: elevation gain +700 aprox. (variables for STORTIND)
Orientation West/East
Difficulty: moderate
This peak will allow us to check the conditions and based on them, we can choose from two decent routes. Both ascent and descent can be done from two different orientations. Very close to Solver and very little driving.

RUNDFJELLET: elevation gain + 803 m (2 variables)
Orientación Este /Sud
Difficulty: Variable depending on the chosen route. Long itinerary.
This is a very interesting peak because from its summit there is a view of 360º, so all the islands can be seen.
All faces can be descended!

TORKSMANNEN: elevation gain + 755m (the other option is BREITIND)
Orientation South/East
Difficulty: moderate
BREITIND: elevation gain + 762m
Orientation East
Difficulty: moderate
Delicate access to the summit from the pass. Depends on the conditions.

Not always the conditions allow to carry out with this activity. It is the maximum expression of ski mountaineering.
Very alpine peak, descents direct down to the water… decent level of slope. This one can’t be missed.
We can ascend on the West glacier. The classic descent is the Couloir South but the descent on the East side has to be in mind too, especially when there are lots of ski traces.
Difficulty: moderate/high

PILAN: elevation gain + 700m
Orientation East
Difficulty: low. Favorable terrain. It is a good option on unstable days. At the end, we adapt to the precipitation prioritizing safety, but looking for the best slopes!
Other options in the same islands are:

All of the program develops close to Svolvaer, prioritizing comfort and accessibility. Once we are there, it can change without problems if we feel like going East or West to discover.
A reminding: we will prioritize light packing. Just as it is interesting to have some weight on our feet to enjoy the descents, we want to pack light to put the less weight on our backs.
These are not alpine peaks but some might require the use of an ice ax and crampons.


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