from June to September

5 days


Ideal for first timers! Have a first experience with the alpine style!

It offers the ascend to the main summit of the Gan Paradiso massif, of 4.061 m. A long and spectacular ascension along the Chabot glacier offers us the possibility to summit one of the most emblematic peak of the valley of Aosta.

We will visit the aiguille du Midi, on the massif of Mont Blanc from where we will summit Mont Blanc du Tacul of 4.248 m. Scramble on top of its mythical ridge les Cosmiques, located next to the hut of identical name, can be part of this incredible alpine experience.


Day 1: Approximation to Chabalot hut 2.750 m. 3hr from the parking lot in Pont

Day 2: Ascend to Gran Paradiso, main peak of the massif of the same name. 4.061 m. Descend to the valley and return to Chamonix.

Day 3: Take aiguille du Midi cable car and approximation to the Cosmiques hut 3.660 m

Day 4: Ascend to Mont Blanc du Tacul of 4.248 m and return to the hut.

Day 5: reserved to any meteorological twist. In case we have completed the previously described program within the first days, and given that we still have energy, it is possible to do the Arette des Cosmiques (IV and D+) and go back to the valley or any other activity of similar difficulty within the area.


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