from January to May

1 day


The impressive massif of Pedraforca offers a great amount of wintertime climbs on both ice and snow, as well as on mixed terrain.

The climbing conditions for this Massif are whimsical and unstable: we can find very dry conditions due to lack of snow, or big wet snowfalls carried by fronts coming from the east, which drop significant precipitations on the Massif.

Despite everything, there will always be an appropriate activity to do every day of the year!

Many gullies allow us to practice ice-climbing in an extraordinary location in the Pre-Pyrenees. On the snowy years, and normally at the end of winter or beginning of spring, some of the many couloirs offer activities on a great north face, entirely lonely on these dates.



-Canal de les Bruixes 250m 60º / M5

This is a tight and very esthetic couloir with some parts of complex mixed terrain that stick out.

It requires to have a certain climbing experience. Two ice axes are necessary.



-Canal del Riambau 500m 85º / M4  A1

One of the best couloir of the country. Without any doubt, the jewel of the Pre Pyrenees.

Great atmosphere, variety of landscapes and pure alpine environment!



-Canal de la Grallera  500m 60º/M4

A winter classic, with a great atmosphere and many mixed terrain sections of moderate difficulty.


-Canal Roja 350m   55º /   M3

Historic couloir of the North Face. Discovered by Lluís Estasen in the summer of 1924!

It became a winter classic a few years later, thanks to the ascent of Maria Antònia Simó in the winter of 1948.

Progression mostly on snow.



-Route Xandri – Casanelles 200m 70º / M5

It was, at first, a summer route, rediscovered years later to be a good winter climb as well. Of great interest and long approach.

Making it a long journey, it could be combined with any of the previous propositions.



An ice climbing day! Depending on the conditions, wherever we find good possibilities around the whole region of the High Berguedà: from the Catllaràs Range to the Ensija Range. And obviously, the many sectors of Pedraforca!


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